SEDATION : The dentist wants to sedate my toddler. Is that safe?

You mentioned that you had some concerns about your 2 year old little boy's teeth, you took him to the dentist, and they mentioned some sort of sedation in the future to clean off the tartar and check for any cavities or other problems that might need to be addressed. 

And you're wondering if that's a normal thing. If a child can go to the dentist and have their teeth cleaned without sedation, then that's best, but some kids just totally freak out, and it's not even possible to look in their mouths without a little bit of sedation. 


So a lot of dentists will recommend some gas, and that doesn't put the child to sleep, it just helps them feel okay with whatever is happening, it just makes them more relaxed with it. 

Youtube / IntermountainMoms