ORAL REHABILITATION of patient with severe early childhood caries

Currently, the aiming of Pediatric Dentistry is that the patient reaches maturity free of diseases affecting in oral cavity.

It is important that its action initiates during pregnancy and continues up to the birth of the baby.

Thus, preventive measures of oral diseases should begin at the pregnancy period through guidance for an adequate feeding of the mother, rich in vitaminic elements required for tooth formation.

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Additionally, information on oral health related to both the mother and infant is part of the prenatal examination, assuring that the infant has a childhood free of caries.

However, unfortunately this is not the reality faced by all children. Tooth caries is the most common chronic disease in childhood and a great problem for world public health.

Severe early childhood caries (S-ECC) is common and damages speech, swallowing, feeding, development (height and weight), esthetics and emotional (self-esteem) of the child.


°Luciana Pedroso / Camila Zucuni / Letícia Westphalen Bento / Juliana Yassue Barbosa da Silva / Bianca Zimmermann Santos

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