Dentigerous Cyst: A Case Report in a 5 Year Old Child

A dentigerous cyst is a developmental cyst of odontogenic origin which develops around the fully-formed crown of an unerupted tooth.

These are discovered on routine radiographs, when a tooth has failed to erupt, a tooth is missing, teeth are tilted or are out of alignment.

These cysts are mostly found in mandibular third molar region followed by maxillary third molar region,maxillary canine and mandibular second premolar.

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Radiographically, it is very difficult to differentiate between a normal enlarged pericoronal space and a cyst; if the width of this space has reached more than 2.5mm [and has an irregular outline] it is probably a dentigerous cyst.

Jasvir Kaur / Neeraj Mahajan / Amanpreet Singh Deepika Kapoor

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